Reflection on Google Hangout

Okay, so tonight I participated in my first Google Hangout with members from my EDUC140 class at Moravian. Boy, was it a trip!! At first we had some technical difficulties that were determined to not let us participate in this activity. But!!! We were eventually able to work out the difficulties and we are set to go for our next hangout on Tuesday! Can’t wait!

As we discussed Will Richardson’s “Navigating Social Networks as Learning Tools,” we were simultaneously Tweeting and looking up Youtube videos. It was a major distraction and it seemed like I could not focus on one specific thing! It was absolutely overwhelming!! This surprises me because, at work, I learned to be a multi-tasker, but tonight, that was not the case! I hope that as we go forward with these hangouts, I will be able to “navigate” (yes, that was intended!) this crazy social network!

I can only imagine what this must be like for my future students. How can they so easily navigate these technical “waters?” Is it something that is now instilled at birth?? Maybe they feel the same way that I do. Maybe, they also feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that surrounds them in this technological society. Maybe they just feel overwhelmed by all the information in general?? Then, this leads me to pose questions like, how can I make this less overwhelming? How can I teach them to utilize these networks to their advantage?

These kinds of questions, posed now, will allow me to become a better educator. They will allow me the opportunity to gain new insights into what it is like to be a 21st century student, and allow me the opportunity to become a 21st century teacher. Thus, I will be able to create a 21st century classroom for my students!!!


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