Twitter: An effective educational tool?

I am definitely considered a novice when it comes to Twitter!  I once set up an account (back when it was fairly new), and I never used it again. I mainly use Facebook in order to post statuses about my day, or even to connect with friends through messaging. I was concerned about using Twitter because I used to think that it was mainly used by celebrities. I thought that it was very similar to Facebook in its applications and usages. I also used to think that it could never be used in any professional manner. But, now those ideas are changing! I check my Twitter account almost every day. It may even overcome my Facebook addiction.

Now that I am more familiar with Twitter, I know that it is not just used by celebrities. It’s not just about “tweeting” out a quick post. I love that Twitter can be used by groups to post entries, as well as individuals. This gives it a more professional feeling. I can follow important “players” in the education department and stay current on issues. I think that this technology will allow me to stay connected and up to date on a lot of current issues. I would often read the newspaper every day, and now, all I have to do is log on to Twitter in order to see the news! This is certainly an effective way to connect to the rest of the world without even leaving your house!

I still have questions regarding Twitter though; mainly concerning its uses in the classroom. Like, how could I use this amazing tool within a classroom setting? Would this even be allowed in some school districts? Why don’t schools use it today? Are there schools/teachers that use it? Is it an effective learning device?


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